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LinkedIn Seminar for Doctors programme

Good to Know

On the day of the seminar, bring your laptop with you.

All participants will have access to their personal digital note page that can open with the use of their name and the given password.

After the seminar, you will have an ongoing access to all the information and extras.


Instructor: Areti Vassou

Areti VassouAreti Vassou is an awarded Digital Marketing & Strategy Architect, a proficient Digital Copywriter and an SEO Expert. She has a passion for communication, business storytelling, and content creation.

She combines academic excellence in Web Design and a rich professional background in Social Media Marketing, in a variety of companies and organizations in Europe, USA, and Greece. Her portfolio includes Digital Marketing Strategy Projects in Digital Healthcare Industry, Digital Technology, and Medical Marketing.

She is active in Digital Marketing since 2000 starting at Google. At the moment her CMO responsibilities at Grafimedia, Ideadeco, Kryptton, VSN HUB, Volluto PR, EveKit and GRFMD Medical Marketing Agency, keeps her calendar busy with continuous traveling for challenging marketing projects.


Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media Strategy, Web Design, Digital Copywriting, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Content Marketing & Influence Marketing.


This seminar is sponsored by the companies:

Grafimedia Health ITThe Human Face Of Medicine, GRFMD Medical Marketing, Kryptton, Ideadeco and Areti Vassou.


we are fully booked - οι θέσεις καλύφθηκαν

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